Work Environment

Our people contribute to building a bright and sustainable future for Qatar while we provide a productive and positive environment for them.  We foster a workplace culture that breeds quality and productivity. We encourage transparency, open communication and smarter ways of working.

At the GTA, all operations are conducted in accordance with the highest business and ethical standards. While the safety and well-being of our employees is a priority, we’re committed to building a workplace where everyone can thrive and find meaning in their work.

We’re focused on arming our employees with the latest knowledge to help them excel at their jobs. We offer training programmes that help our employees develop a better understanding of taxation and stakeholders’ needs. Beyond fostering skillsets and knowledge bases, we recognise the need for guidance in all matters, therefore, our leaders have an open-door policy and provide mentorship.

Our positive workplace culture lays a fertile ground in which productivity, talent, skills and morale are nurtured. To embark on this journey and build your future with us, please visit Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs website.