Are You Eligible for Tax Registration?

By answering a simple set of questions, you can determine your tax obligations and then you can find detailed information on the respective tax pages to peruse your compliance requirements.

However, you should note:

  • Any income generated by businesses or individuals from any economic activity within the State of Qatar may have tax obligations or may be subject to taxation.
  • Certain persons may need to enroll or register with GTA to avail certain concessions (e.g. VAT refund for charities).
  • Stockists of excise goods are not required to register for excise tax purposes but must file a one-time transitional excise tax return within 30 days from the tax implementation date.
  • Businesses operating under QFC are invited to consult their contacts at QFC.

This is a general question set, the information provided is not binding nor can be considered as tax advice. If you need more detailed information we recommend that you contact the specialists.

Answer a few questions and find out your tax obligations

Are you conducting an economic activity in Qatar?

Are you a resident of Qatar or do you have a permanent establishment
based on one or more criteria of presence in Qatar?

Regarding excise goods, do you do any of the below activities?

– Import
– Locally produce
– Operate a tax warehouse

Which one of the below best describes your 12 months turnover in the past year or the next, whichever is higher?

Below QAR 182,000
Above QAR 182,000 – Below QAR 364,000
Above QAR 364,000





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